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London Fetish Photography
london mistress
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london mistress

London fetish photography

 SW5 Earls Court      Holborn Bank                                Tel:  07810805745

Hello thank you for dropping by my website.

I adore taking photos of people and as an active working model I believe that I am good at styling and capturing you at your very best angle.

I strongly believe that clients prefer to see who they will be meeting in a realisitc clear way. I have done a lot of reasearch and asked many questions to clients and to be totally honest they are fed up seeing photos that look airbrushed with  stretched out legs that look more like a painting or catoon.

My photos actually bring in the bookings ladies and dont break the bank !

Over priced and over rated photographers are OVER !!! AT LONG LAST !!!

Trust me I have lost thousands of pounds on diva photographers who are a pain to work with and the end result are unbelieveable photos because they have relied too much on editing in other words they cant take a decent photos that stands up on its own with out heavy  airbrushing and photo shop layers etc... 

My assisitant and I  are a pleasure to collabourate with and I am happy to guide you along with your posture and poses, I actually care a lot !

Search for the two galleries titled Escorts I have taken photos of and Mistress photos...

My shoots consist of a 5 outfit change at £300 this includes 10 edited photos for your website use. The edited images will be with you on the same day or at the lastest the following day.  My assistants fee is £100.

Photo shoots start at 8 am Monday to Sunday and are typically finished at 11am.  I am happy to take outdoor photos of you in and around Earls Court if you are confident, Holland or Hyde Park are lovely outdoor locations. Or if you can book a nice hotel room or suite close by I would reccomened Blakes Hotel in South Kensington.

Indoor locations; My preferred choice is the Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, the suites are classy and luxurious and the lighting is perfect, obviously this would be payable by you.  Hair, makeup and outfits are not included in the fee. 

Regards Elle/ Eve xxx


london mistress

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